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Des Browe

“One of my remortgages was really tricky, but Better.co.uk were fantastic.”

Des Browe

Helen Monaghan

“Better.co.uk saved me £750 a month and £45,000 over the next five years.”


Josh Kility

“Better.co.uk got our mortgage approved in less than 48 hours.”

Jelisa and Josh copy

Eirian Cole

“Better.co.uk took the pain out of remortgaging.”

Eirian Cole
Des Browe - 300px

Des Browe

I found Better.co.uk online after my usual broker let me down. He wouldn’t get back to me.

One of my mortgages was really tricky. I’m a landlord with five properties, including my home. I bought the house I live in now as a buy-to-let, and once we’d made improvements we decided it was better than the one we were living in and so wanted to move into it.

We needed to change the mortgage from a buy-to-let to a residential one. The first challenge was that I’m self-employed and the criteria is a lot stricter with lenders.

The second challenge was that lenders won’t just swap your buy-to-let mortgage over to a residential one. It was much trickier than I expected and it took a lot of work by Better.co.uk to get it resolved.

My other remortgage, one of my buy-to-lets, was completely stress-free.

Better.co.uk was fantastic. The communication was great – they always got back to me when they said they would – and they had the expertise.

Applying online is simple and straightforward. You upload your details through Better.co.uk's portal and they contact you directly.

Helen Monaghan 300px

Helen Monaghan

I had an interest only mortgage for 15 years and the interest rate was awful.

I decided to see if I could find a better deal and came across Better.co.uk online. I checked them out on Trustpilot and thought I’d try them.

They got me an absolutely marvellous deal. It’ll save me £45,000 over the next five years and reduce my monthly repayments by £750. I’m ecstatic.

It’s unbelievable. It means new furniture, decorating the house and a holiday.

The service has been wonderful. From the first time I phoned Better.co.uk the responses were very quick on everything.

If I queried anything someone pretty much came back within the hour. I didn’t have to chase them once.

I felt as though somebody was in my corner and really wanted to get the deal for me. It surprised me how easy it was. I would absolutely use Better.co.uk again. Without a doubt.

Jelisa and Josh - 300px

Josh Kility

My girlfriend Jelisa and I got a mortgage offer through another broker, but the house we were buying got repossessed.

It was put back on the market a month later at a higher price, which we agreed to pay, but the terms were that we had to exchange within 28 days.

When we got our mortgage offer changed the price had been updated, but not how much we needed to borrow. And time was running out.

Because of all the issues we’d had, we decided to use Better.co.uk, who we found on moneysavingexpert.com. We didn't have to pay a fee, whereas one mortgage adviser I’d met said they’d do all the work for us and it would cost us £2,000.

I explained the situation and Better.co.uk said the timing was tight, but they should be able to pull it off.

All we had to do was upload our documents and that was it. Better.co.uk put the application in at about 1pm and I got an email about 8pm the next day saying it had been approved.

They were excellent – from the speed we managed to get our offer, to how well they communicated, to their expertise. They knew which lenders worked fast. 

We’re renting a one-bedroom flat at the moment and I can’t stand the place. Getting our own place will mean having barbecues in the garden and being able to have people round. I can’t wait.

Eirian Cole - 300px

Eirian Cole

I had a mortgage which was coming to an end so I just googled ‘remortgage’ and Better.co.uk came up really highly rated. 

I’d previously used a face-to-face broker and felt it was more painful than it needed to be. So I thought I’d just give it a go and email Better.co.uk.

It was so easy. I just got in contact saying what I was looking for and I had a reply within the hour explaining everything I needed to send them.

What I sent wasn’t quite right and they quickly came back explaining what they needed. It was like I was talking to someone I knew, as opposed to a company trying to juggle lots of different mortgages.

It was really quick and there was no confusing jargon, which really helped because that’s what I came across the first time around. It made the whole process really simple and easy.

There was a problem my end with the first offer because I needed to borrow another £2,000, which I wasn’t expecting. My solicitor said it could take a long time to sort out and I might have to switch lenders.

But I just emailed my adviser at Better.co.uk saying I needed the mortgage offer changed, and within three days they’d managed to get it reissued. I thought it was pretty amazing.

Better.co.uk were really efficient, easy and helpful. They took the pain out of remortgaging. It was very simple, very straightforward and very friendly.

I’d definitely use them again. You save so much time and effort.

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