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Is a tracker mortgage a good idea now? Find out and compare tracker mortgage rates.

Lower interest rates

Some tracker mortgage interest rates are currently lower than fixed or standard variable mortgages.

Flexibility with lower ERCs

Tracker mortgages often have cheaper early repayment charges, or sometimes none at all.

If the base rate drops... does your mortgage rate. Meaning you'll pay less.

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Is a tracker mortgage a good idea now? (and other FAQs)

A tracker mortgage can be a more flexible mortgage option for anyone who doesn't want to be tied into a rate for a set time.

Tracker mortgages are most popular when interest rates are low or falling lower. 

The Bank of England base rate has been steadily increasing since December 2021, which means tracker interest rates have also been on the rise.

Despite this,  some tracker rates are currently lower than variable and fixed rates. Test out our comparison tool and see for yourself.

Both tracker and fixed-rate mortgages are popular choices for home buyers, but they are very different.

Interest rates: The biggest difference between a tracker and fixed-rate mortgages is the way the interest works. 

Fixed rates are set and stay the for the whole mortgage term, whereas a tracker changes depending on the base rate. 

Different introductory rates: Tracker mortgage introductory rates tend to be cheaper than those for fixed-rate mortgages because fixed rates offer more security. 

Early repayment charges (ERCs):  Tracker mortgages often have lower or even no Early Repayment Charges (ERCs), which gives you better flexibility if you want to change deals. Fixed-rate ERCs tend to be quite expensive.

You should shop around to see what deals are available which are suited to your needs. A mortgage broker will be well equipped to help do this, as they have access to deals from all kinds of lenders.

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